Malwarebytes for android

One of the top antivirus software available today, Malwarebytes is equipped with all kinds of features which will help you avoid technical troubles that arises due to viruses and malwares. It is versatile and can be used for personal computer as well as for mobiles. The software is designed to adapt in windows as well as mac operating system. Not only that, app for android devices has also been introduced such that you can use the software on the go for protecting your mobile as well. Browsing the internet is bound to invite threats which have to be handled with the help of antivirus software. It is best to choose the software that is trending and is popular in the contemporary times.

Features of Malwarebytes app

The Malwarebytes app can perform all the tasks that are possible in the Malwarebytes software. It is noted for excellent control on malwares, spywares, ransomwares that specifically attack android devices. It is a light weight app that can be installed in every android phone irrespective of the capacity. Some attractive feature of the software includes:

  • Automated periodic check for malware on your device.
  • The software can scan your device and eliminate all kinds of trash through one click on the app’s widget.
  • It is versatile and can be used on any device.
  • The software is widely available to all users and does not have any restrictions regarding usage when you have subscribed for the premium version.
  • Almost every major threat can be scanned and eliminated with the Malwarebytes app.

How to install it?

The users who are looking for Malwarebytes software for their android phone can easily get it and use it on their device from the google play store.

  • Go to the google play store and look up the Malwarebytes app there.
  • Once you find the software you will be asked to pay for the premium version or you can download the demo version. We recommend going for the premium version in order to fully enjoy all the features.
  • Make the payments through your google wallet, get the activation key and then you can easily register as a user of the software which gets downloaded and installed in your device in the meantime.
  • In case there is any trouble in the procedure, you can always get the onsite help links for the error and rectify it. For a hassle-free solution get in touch with the Malwarebytes Technical Support Number which is always available.

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