Malwarebytes won’t run or uninstall is it due to Firefox?

Getting software from a reputed company to manage all your virus related issues is very important. There are varieties of antivirus software available in the market but knowing which one to opt for is a crucial decision making process when it comes to the protection of your valuable data and device. Malwarebytes software is considered to be one of the top anti-virus software available today.  The Malwarebytes software has a lot of different features in it which you can manage to secure your devices from any threat. Of course, sometimes here might be some cases where the users may face certain issues regarding the use of the interface. In this article, we are giving you the guidance to solve those issues as well as explain the reasons behind their occurrence.

Reasons behind the issues:

There can be a number of reasons that his may happen. Before starting to use, as a user it is important that you know how to handle if such situations arrive while using Malwarebytes antivirus software. There has been reports on certain issues like, crashes, dreaded blue screen or the most common one i.e. Malwarebytes not running or being installed or uninstalled properly. The previous versions of this software caused certain PCs to crash while running. But the new updated version has resolved that issue.

  • While you are trying to download and install the malwarebytes software you may face the issue with the installation –uninstallation process. Malwarebytes onsite help links are always there for your guidance and assistance. You can also contact the Malwarebytes Chat Support  team for any personal enquiry that you may have regarding the software and the issues.
  • Another reason could be that you may not have completely removed some previous anti-virus software before installing the Malwarebytes anti-virus program.
  • You also need to check that you have a running internet connection before trying to install the anti-virus.
  • Another issue occurs when running Malwarebytes is that certain versions of Firefox web browser may not work properly. It may be due to the fact that the browser has not been well updated to accommodate with the software of Malwarebytes.

Solutions to the problems

You can solve these issues by following few simple methods.

  • Make sure that your device is well updated and equipped for the Malwarebytes antivirus software to run properly.
  • Check that the anti-virus software has been installed properly for it to work efficiently.
  • Always try to use the updated version of Firefox or any other browser that you may use.
  • Of course, calling the Malwarebytes Technical Support Number is always a good choice to solve any technical glitches like this.


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